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New PV
Ahh.. jus watched the new PV- Teppen (hope i got the name right) haha.. anyway the song is really nice and koyama get to sing one whole chunk of the stanza.. sounds pretty nice! the PV is really a very cheerful one! make me wanna watch it again and again.. ^___^

and there's yamapi's new hairstyle.. gangster-like.. i wouldn't say i hate it jus feel that there are better hairstyles than this..haha.. but he still look so handsome with his adorable big eyes! haha.. i prefer the hairstyle b4 this current 1.. the one which he straightened his maggie hair. it suits him more..juz like a Uni student..

koyama look so cute in the MV.. he look like a child playing with water, and he has this skeleton stuffy thingie pinned on his shirt.. so cute.. he's really got superb dress sense! but if he dress like this in Singapore think ppl would either admire him or laugh their head out.. (so childish put 1 skeleton there for wad..) haha

anyway i like this PV best among the rest. they look more comfortable.. natural also.. at least they dun have to wear flowery clown-like costumes or space suit which make them very robotic and unreal..and the background is not some outerspace or man-made, artificial don-know-what's-it's-purpose ships which made NEWS look they are in some children show.. you know like High 5 where they ask the children to dance with them kind of kids central programme.. moreover the splashing of water makes the whole PV very summer-like.. can brighten people's day!

the dance was pretty good but think can't really see teh whole version in the PV.. now waiting for music station heh.. but i'm jus wondering how the fans can join in the dance,.. think should be the chorus part where they raise each arm in a creepy-crawlie-like movement.. interesting! but I still like the "hooray hooray" action haha.. everytime listen to kibou yell i'll just have this instinct in me to raise my hands real high and do the actions!! haha even on bus and train.. haha.. it's such an energetic song!

so i sincerely urge those who have not seen the PV to see it soon! U'll like it! yeah man! thumbs up!

Ahh.. but one thing i don like bout this PV is tegoshi shaved his armpit hair.. which is really disgusting.. can't stand boys who do that but because it's tegoshi so who cares about those missing strands of hair! anyway koyama shaved too.. ar.. but yamapi didn't.. kusano did shave b4 too but not in this PV.. Masuda never.. think ryo never also.. uchi not too sure.. think kato never too..hmmm.. well well well.. why am i noticing such things.. haha.. but to re-empahasize i really despise boys who shaved their underarms..i dislike tsubasa because of that.. (saw him hairless in winkup) bleah..

oh and realise gold should be quite IN in Japan now.. cause yamapi and Koyama wearing gold necklaces in a clip.. looks good on them.. but i still think too "gold" for my liking.. heh.. silver is the best lahz..
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I think Koyama's skeleton thing is really cute XDDD Everything he also wants to include a bit of skeleton... eh you wanted to do kibou on train and bus? Tried it then... for me, it's cherish XDDD

The dance is creepy crawlie??? *LOL*
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