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Uchi's hand
Ahh.. since Monkeu mentioned bout Uchi and I tot I should write something happy after a bad day.. I'll talk abt my great memorable experience with 内くん in Japan ! Yippee.. just the tot of it puts a smile on my face..

Well, well, well..
actually the place where this took place was outside Yokohama Arena.. NEWS were inside holding their media conference..

They came out.. which was a surprise to all!
Well I was sitting right in front and was holding my beloved 小山くんのうちわ。わたしのうちわ very simple la.. i wrote 小山 and "Singapore" on it lah.. without much design..

okie anyway.. when koyama walked past i was really excited! I kept screaming his name trying to attract his attention..

I failed..

then... I grew desperate..

no la actually not "grew" desperate.. I was already desperate..
Whichever NEWS member walked past me I just screamed and screamed their name.. and I made a mistake by screaming "手越" when 亮くんwalked past.. haha.. stupid me..

anyway.. ya talking bout my failed mission.. I was really upset at that point of time.. haiz.. my one last chance to shake his hand.. but haiz.. failed..

Just when i lost all hopes.. when i tot my world was upside down.. when i tot i would have to leave Japan with lotsa regrets... ... ...


A 天使 appeared.. (*dingz* dingz* *dingz*)

Actually think cause it was very dark at that time la and his costume was white so I felt like I've seen an angel..

oh.. yep the "HE" was 内くん..

He's really really gorgeous.. and cause my position at that time was that I was sitting down, so i've to looked up to see what's going on and I felt so tiny and insignificant and he's like a super idol! I mean he is lah.. haha

And then it was really amazing..

He was just walking past, quite far from me.. cause there's an 案内in front so most NEWS members were walking quite a distance from us(which Koyama did! *sadz*)

I just kept screaming 内! 内! 内~~~! Desperate was the only word to described me then.. cause i knew i had missed the oppoortunities of touching masuda (ask fin) and koyama.. and this is like my really only last chance to "touch" a NEWS member.. sounds like a pervert..

ya.. so i just screamed and screamed.. hoping he would just turn around..

and... it worked.. amazing.. how can it be?

Not only did he turned, he turned and walked towards my direction!! oh my goodness! but I continued my screaming tactics (*hiakz*) cause I still wasn't sure exactly whose hand he was going to shake..

my arm then was stretched to the limit.. he really really walked towards me.. extended his arm towards my hand and shook my hand..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shook my hand??? he really did shook my hand!!! oh man!!!

my hand u know.. he didn't shake the hands of the people around me.. only mine alone! yippee.. yippeee..

how can it be??? why me?? why me?? How could i be the lucky girl..

and i think i need to re-emphasize something important.. I wasn't holding 内 Uchiwa..

His hand was really smooth and his fingers are so long and bony.. i didn't manage to shake his hand fully.. but it was enuff!!! ENUFF!!!

But the only regret I have was that I didn't look at him when he shook my hand i just looked at his pretty hand alone.. think i was stunned.. but he was smiling when he walked toward me.. he's so nice!!!! so very very nice!!! he looked so cute!!!

It's like a dream come true.. and somemore he's not a member i had expected to touch.. i tot i would have a higher chance with koyama since i'm holding his uchiwa but uchi came along and gave me a miracle! I'm from singapore and he's from Osaka.. yet we met at that point of time.. so romantic.. wahaha... i think i'm mad.. told u i'm desperate already..

he's really very nice and good-looking.. I tried to analyse the reasons why he shook my hand and came out with a few.. check it out..

1) He hear me calling his name!!!! oh man!! I muz admit i was very loud.. cause the japanese they screamed like kittens lo.. i also don know why lo.. and i'm the tigeress la.. haha somemore i'm right in front.. the soundwaves travelled to his 耳 smoothly.. wahaha

2) He heard my calling too.. but not calling his name but my desperate calling out to koyama.. and so uchi noticed koyama just walked past.. and i looked so desperate and disappointed.. so being very good-natured he shook my hand hoping he could replace koyama's "touch" which he nearly almost did! okay he did!!! wahaha

3) He saw "SINGAPORE" (I'm proud of this man!) on my uchiwa and decided to forget the fact that though i'm not a fan of him...still i'm a rare fan, ya know.. SIngapore.. like they will think "where's that.??? some parts of CHina? "so he very the nice la and came to shake my poor waving hand! (watch Mezamashi and see my frantic waving hand heh)

4) He saw my desperate act and decided that if he do not attend to me immediately I'll do something terrible.. haha.. so better shake my hand ..in case,... (hiakz hiakz)

5) He shook randomly.. haiz.. hopefully I'm not the "random one" but i seriously don think he shook randomly cause from the news, he actually went to a fan holding his uchiwa to shake her hand specially.. ignoring the others around her who were holding other members' uchiwa..

WHatever was/were the reason/s.. I felt really blessed and fortunate that Uchi shook my hand.. it's really an unforgettable experience.. I like him a lot! he's really very nice! i was supppeeeerrrrr sad when i knew he wsa sick.. so sad but anyway he's well now and hope he'll take good care of his fragile body.. hehe.. jus to mentioned he's really really thin.. like chopstick hehe.. ahh.. but pretty worried bout him cause ther schedules for Kanjani 8 concert and Summary concert very close and so will be very tight for uchi and ryo... hope they will take care la.. dun fall sick again!
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っポイ / HOME / *sigh*
Erm... ask me about what? Hmm...
I totally didn't see Uchi at all that time... ="= *slap myself*

Cos I think I was having romantic time with Masuda that point of time... WAHAHAHAHA

*crazy mode on again*

How I hope we can return to that point of time... such that I can witness Uchi shaking your hands... and if we can return to that point... I will definitely try harder to touch Yamapi... XD

Actually like we said before... we hope to shake their hands when we changed our seats... but you didn't really say out that you wanted to touch them XD so when the concert was over... a bit disappointed that didn't manage to shake their hands or even touch them but we both didn't really talk about it much after that... we were only talking about how close Koyama was while eating ice cream outside the hotel... T_T Sigh... the Koyama's part was the main comfort for that show...

But to think miracle happened outside the arena... and even much better that I wanted >_<

And though you missed Koyama outside the arena, miracle still happen on the night before we left Singapore...

*in dreamy mode*

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Hmm... *reading again*

I didn't know our mission was to touch NEWS!!!!!!! WAHAHAHA

To commemorate their "touch" album mah?

And I didn't know you were that desperate after I saw the mezamashi ="=

Speaking of returning with no regrets, remember that that time on the 4th May in the morning, we were already so contended that we wanted to go back to Singapore XDDDD We are so easily satisfied... >_<

I enjoy the feeling of screaming out for their names >__<


2005.06.14 (03:36) / URL / fin [EDIT]
You 2 sisters having a lot of fun hor? -_-||| They can tell each other all these things face-to-face lah! *pengz*
2005.06.14 (23:35) / URL / Posh [EDIT]
*nods* agree with posh..2 sisters talking in a blog when they can talk face to face..they are just trying to provoke others by making them jealous..*nods*
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*faints* the 2 sisters who always "shy"
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