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01/13 - 小山くんの『メンバー愛』 (English translation)
First time translating Koyama's diary, so exciting..
Pardon me if I have not done a good job.

Thanks Seina for the original text and my sis for the Chinese translation.

Please do not copy or extract any parts of this to other websites or elsewhere. Thank you.

After the end of the concert, my foremost thought is “I wish to have another concert.”
My desire should be the same as others, right?
I wish to unite with the rest as one.
And spend the most wonderful time together.
Seems that we will meet again in spring.

Currently, it is examination period for universities.
The time which I detest has come.
Everyday, I am only busy with doing reports, preparing for my examinations…

I wish to become Nyantai.
This fellow has a very comfy sleepy face.
Even though his owner is engrossed in using his laptop, like an A-Boy (A=Akihabara, represents youngsters who are passionate with computers).
The mention of this brings me to Prince Yamashita, though in the same university as me, he really does not own a computer.
How does he do it during this period of time...?
I guess, even without a computer, a prince shouldn’t have any problems, right?
There shouldn’t be a problem if he has been seeking help from his friends, right?
Do all university students share the same thought as me?
If I don’t have a single friend, I wouldn’t have become a Year 3 student.
My examinations are nearing, so I’ve to work very hard.

Oh, prince

Congratulations on becoming an adult.

Congrations to Yamapi too! Why is everybody calling him prince nowadays? But he is really very prince-like..

Koyama, I hate exams too.. and like you, I wish to become my cat .. especially when I'm burning midnight oil and she's sleeping on the bed looking so comfy, Agrrhh.. Anyway i wish you all the best for your examination.. Japan's uni calendar is indeed different from Singapore's.. I just started my semester and they are having exams.. weird..

After hearing so many different rumours that he's going to Meiji, finally we get to hear straight from the horse's mouth.. and yesh.. Tegoshi's really in Waseda! Congratulations to Tegoshi, that he's going to start his Uni life in Waseda! That's such a good school! And he's studying Human Science, at first glance, I thought it's sociology but my sis say it's something like computing, whatever it is, I'm really happy for Tegoshi! He's going to start his uni life and I'm going to end soon.. Oh well..

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why tegoshi is a horse? horse is not nice hehe..
ano... ive read in other forums that his course is information science... i wonder whats his course really is ^^'

about yamapi, hmmm... why doesnt he have a pc? up to this time, he still dont buy? uwah.. i know life is hard without pc na... esp in school life... how can he do research or projects ne?

i hate exams too.. and speaking of it... i had exams this week huhu... and i will have 2 exams for tomorrow and 3 on saturday... and im still here... uwaahhh... why am i so lazy to review? so many chapters to review... doshio? huhuhu...

ja!! thanx for the translations again.. pls pray that my guesses for tomorrow is right.. hahaha...

mata ne ^____________^
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