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Today is an upsetting day.. my colleague and i sent an elderly to a place for homeless people.. we spotted him on the streets.. I'm really pissed off by the in-charge of the home.. the next part is specially dedicated to him..

This is for U! u disgusting meanie!:

SO WHAT if that place is free? So what if you provide free meals and lodging..???? I believe the elderly deserved some respect from U! U think they like to stay there? Try staying there yourself! U idiot pig!

And who the hell u think u are? u dressed as if u've been a vagrant for all your life..

I couldn't believe the disgustingly great difference in your attitude towards my colleague and towards the elderly..don't U know what is empathy? he was already so scared and nervous bout going to a new place.. u should at least explain why u are keeping his money for him.. and PLEASE be more mindful of your tone.. Can't u just sound nicer and more welcoming? i feel like giving u a kick in your face.. u short-tongued man! I curse curse curse u! I hate you!

that place looks like a prison to me.. u all should at least do something bout the colour of the gate ba? u mean there's no colour other than gray..can't u use some other pleasant colours like orange or yellow..

And u might as well drink that puddle of pee under the bed which u assigned to the elderly..u were obviously trying not to notice that..I hate U!!!!!!

I hope I'll never see u again! U are shit man! SHit!!!!

Dear readers,
I'm sorry bout the way i reacted but u all can never ever understand how i felt and is still feeling towards this whole experience.. It was terrible.. i was so upset that i cried after leaving the place.. I kept asking myself, "was this the best i can do for the elderly?"

I still couldn't believe I left him in that place.. *cries* (but we've no other choice too.. sigh)

And I am still not sure if this is the best for the elderly but i definitely know I did the right thing.. it's his safety that is of our greatest concern.. I just hope i'll get him out of there soon (which i'll definitely do!)
in the meantime i hope the people there will treat him well..he's really a very nice old man! I must visit him soon.. he must be feeling very lonely now

so poor thing.. once he had all the freedom he wanted (but at the expense of his safety) but now he is like a prisoner, unable to leave that place.. i believe everyone will find it hard to adapt.. moreover he's so old already.. i could feel his helplessness..so sad..

Just had a Crunky walking bar.. felt better now..
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