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『ドラゴン桜』 と 『がんばっていきましょい』 最終回!
Ah.. Finally the day has come.. No 『ドラゴン桜』 & 『がんばっていきましょい』.. 寂しい。。

Some thoughts about...
It's really quite a good drama.. but some episodes were quite slow.. Ryo's acting was really good! Very natural and the character is quite similar to him in many ways..
But the last episode was a little disappointing.. thought it was too long-winded at the ending part.. didn't expect it to be more than 1 hour.. WHat I like best was the part they went canoeing for the very last time.. and they did it at a leisurely pace.. (the water, sky and scenery was simply breath-taking!) and also the part they reminisced how they first joined the "rowing club" was pretty touching too.. BUT the most touching part would have to be the part when 悦ね's daddy stood at the harbour there..
Anyway Ryo really deserves a pat on his back for his great effort!


THe last episode was simply awesome!!! The ending came as a surprise! cause my sis said all of them didn't make it to Todai.. and when the twin, yamapi and his gf found their no. on the notice board I was thinking all of them have made it to Todai! YES man! BUT in the end saeko and teppei didn't pass the entry exams.. which was really shocking since the 2 of them have always been the better students in the class.. but oh well every drama must have a twist..ya.. really love this drama! very very touching..especially the part they thank sakuragi sensei.. and only the girl said the word 'thanks' but not the rest.. which makes it even more touching.. as if the appreciation really came from their heart..

And how the class felt so sad that they didn't make it to Todai together.. and how saeko and teppei kept blabbering about celebration, trying to hide their disappointment.. and the rest kept quiet.. everything was so touching..

And the touching part was also when Teppei reached home and said he failed the entry exams and his dad said "おまえはがんばった!" twice.. and there were tears in teppei's eyes.. so touching..

The twin very poor thing.. his stupid bro gave his some expired sandwiches.. and he got stomachache during the exam.. so despicable.. but the good twin managed to pass and that evil twin did not wahaha..

But what make this drama great is that as I was watching I felt that I could identify strongly with the characters, the plot and stuff.. as if I went through the classes with them.. like a journey with them all.. Growing with them all .. very very inspiring!!! Those who haven't watch please do so..

Oh I'm very jealous that the obasan actually lie on yamapi when she fell down the stairs..

ヤマピ、亮ちゃん、 おつかれさま!
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v-406 yes..finally no more doragon and shoi..and my umizaru and densha ended too..but..MORE NEW DORAMAs ARE COMING!!v-407
2005.09.22 (01:47) / URL / monkeu [EDIT]
oops..i use wrong emo..didnt noe the last one will move de..v-411
2005.09.22 (01:48) / URL / monkeu [EDIT]
Yup looking forward to yamapi and Kame drama! YES! v-221
2005.09.24 (14:18) / URL / fin's sis [EDIT]


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