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Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!
Wanted to write chinese but realise my template doesn't really support chinese words..Some words were chopped off..

ANyway as a tribute to NEWS 2nd Anniversary, thought I would just pen down some of my thoughts regarding NEWS..

When I first know NEWS, it was purely due to the influence of my sis. I only know who is yamapi then. Cause I know Jin (Jin was my fav member in Johnnys then, still one of my favs) and Yamapi are very good friends, so I'll always read about yamapi in Wink Up.. so as to see whether he mentioned Jin or not.. that was my sole intention. So yup that's all I know about NEWS.. really limited..

Anyway, as I watch their shows and read more about them, my understanding grew. I was attracted to Koyama as I find him very charming and cool. Even then, I was not as crazy about them as my sis.. I was busy with my schoolwork and had other business to attend to.. that I was not very updated about their recent happennings..

So when my sis said she wanna go Japan to watch concert. I really think she's mad.. serious..this idea of going Japan never did cross my mind. Not even once. Somemore, it was my dad who wanted me to accompany her. Cause he couldn't stand the idea of my sis travelling alone. So with the "blessings" of my parents, the 2 of us set off for Japan. Even though I went with her in the end, I wasn't really interested in NEWS concert.. Was more interested in travelling out of Singapore and DisneyLand (SiLLy Me!)

But was glad I went, the experience was unforgettable! Able to sit so in front at the con and to see NEWS in person for the first time. And I became sure that 小山慶一郎 is my 本命!

But this trip did not satisfy our hunger for NEWS (like some beasts..).. we made quick plan for our next trip.. which was in spring for their next con.. we encountered many problems , such as getting our parents's consent and expenses was another big issue.. but thankfully our parents agreed to let us go, though reluctantly.. heh..

This spring trip is one that I can never forget.. Irreplaceable.. what happened during the trip seemed to only come true in dreams and not in reality...therefore it was really a dream come true for both me and my sis..

For the con, we managed to get good seats for the first and third show. Although we didn't get good seats for the second con that we went, or maybe I should say we didn't have any seats, as we had to stand all the way.. overall the con experience was great.. The con was longer, and i found myself enjoying every moment of it, except for Question performance.. haha.. no lah.. they sang pretty well too, it's just that I needed to preserve my energy for NEWS alone..

We waited for NEWS every morning so as to catch a glimpse of them before they enter the venue.. Tegoshi was so nice. he kept waving to us all and he looked so genki!!! *touched* Koyama also waved to us and I think he saw my uchiwa.. so happy! Uchi did something that made us all fans laughed too.. Ryo gave us a *peace* sign .. Masuda sent flying kisses .. Didn't really see yamapi..

But the first real miracle that happened would be that I managed to shook Uchi's hand.. My sis and I were so happy thatI bet we were smiling even when we were sleeping ANd I found myself smiling to myself every now and then.. wahaha..

But.. the best best thing would be to see Tegoshi on the streets.. he was still so nice.. I shook his hands twice and he's really good-looking.. so sweet..

But But But.... The really best best thing was to see Koyama Unbelievable.. He was so good-looking!!! Managed to shake his hands and he's really nice.. He was forthcoming too and would ask us some questions..Like him a lot a lot!!! This will never change!!!

I don't think I can ever have a similar experience again. (maybe only in my dream ) thanks a lot NEWS!!! 本当にありがとうございます! U all are the BEST! May you all soar higher, like the eagles, and grow stronger each day!!!


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*smack myself for being bias* i actually never write anithing bout NEWS in my blog but only for UCHI and YASSU's birthday..=X yappari monkeu is BIAS..v-393 NEWSのみんなさん、本当にごめなさい~
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ok..i shall go "bu3" write one..v-355
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