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2004 Dec.. my many first times..
Why many first times? Because:
1) First time to Japan.
2) First time travelling with my sis alone.
3) First time pulling a luggage around.
4) First time to a winter country.
5) First time watching concert.
6) First time travelling without any concrete plans except knowing I'm going to NEWS concert.
7) First time seeing NEWS not on screen but in real life.
8) First time staying at a place somewat near the red-light district.
9) First time feeling so helpless in communicating with people (cause my jap sucks.. i mean really sucks like any shit..especially when it comes to conversations..though my writing is no better.. i don't even know when to use てform, たform, dict form.. whatever..)
10) and many more.. the list goes on..

Anyway the theme here is NEWS winter concert.. which was great. i went to 2 shows and i was sitting 4th row for the first show.. simply great! it was really upclose with NEWS! but i think i very the funny also la.. cause i didn't prepare anything and my sis n her fren got uchiwa (they made themselves) to hold but not me.. so my sis just passed me 2 uchiwa with faces of yamapi and tegoshi she bought at the concert goodies. and i just took it la.. not knowing what i'm supposed to do with them so i kinda fanned myself while waiting for the concert to start.. hehe nothing beta to do..
ar.. finally the concert started.. koyama started talking (sorry I don't understand..) then all the NEWS members kinda popped out haha.. had a shock! yamapi was so good looking! the whole thing was so unreal then.. to be in Japan watching NEWS..and I really found myself funny la cause i dun like tego and still holding his uchiwa.. i didn't really noticed him throughout the whole concert, except for his solo.. (ごめんね!)
my eyes were fixed on yamapi cause he was standing really in front of me..(my seat was really central) During their MC he did looked at me.. I am very sure of that! cause I was holding his uchiwa and standing real close to the stage.. I looked at him blankly.. arghh should have waved at him then cause he muz have found it odd why is that fan holding my uchiwa yet not responding when i looked at her.. but i don know what i should do at that time.. haiz missed that opportunity..I'm really a fool man..

Koyama's solo was the best man! He's really cute doing the para para dance.. and the screen showed him wearing that cheerleader uniform dancing and eating MOW really cute! and yamapi was the cow..(was shocked to know yamapi volunteered to do a cos-play) they were so funny..!!! =D

hmm.. that's all.. a bit lazy to pen down the details..
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WAHAHAHA... see you like nothing in hands... so gave you the uchiwas loh! I also didn't notice Tego during the snow con... *hides*

During that time, my eyes were fixed on Masuda... XD erm...saw kusano and uchi looking at my uchiwa... XD The rest... not sure WAHAHAHA

First time at the 4th row... really too pampered for us... such that we felt so sian at the 2nd level the next day, right?

Looking forward to read more in your blog XD
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