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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
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Me & Johnnys...
Hello again!
before NEWS started out, I like KAT-TUN a lot, hmm.. maybe only Jin alone. heh.. at that time I noticed Yamapi for quite long but really detested that blond hairstyle (a pic in Wink up) of him. too beng-ish..though I definitely was aware that he's a very pretty boy ..somemore good frens with Jin..
My understanding of NEWS came about when my sis dl News Nippon PV, which she claimed cause there's nothing for her to dl.. heh.. (think at that time the V6 spirit in her has died down too..and she needed something to fill in the vacuum =P) I watched the PV and was totally confused.. there were many questions in me at that time.. "who was that guy dancing?" "who just went past the screen?" "how many people are there?" think I only knew who yamapi was back then.. i tot kusano and kato are the same person.. heh.. they looked very alike to me at that time.. ahh..and also I realised yamapi's singing has improved tremendously.. shocked.. cause previously i was very traumatised by his singing during a BC performance of "Believe your smile" with other Jrs haha.. but i tot NEWS Nippon was a very nice catchy genki song! the dancing was good too, then again it may be due to the fact that there were many people moving around.. so look very fun heh.. and Uchi is so good-looking!
my understanding of NEWS increased after watching more performances and domoto bros.. Koyama caught my attention during NEWS first appearance in Hey Hey Hey.. he looked damn good in that suit.. and he has got that mezmerising single-eyelid eyes.. 一重!
hmmm.. suddenly feel very tired writing.. anyway the main point is I like Koyama.. so I'll go on to the next topic.. heh..
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2004 Dec.. my many first times.. / HOME / First blogging...
Yoyoyo!! *weird* Fin's sister, you got a name yourself bah.. :P But it's so "tragic" to know how you all got to know NewS!! Should have come to me when your sis is bored... then I'll show you all my KinKi stuff then you all will be KinKi fans now. XD No need to bother about 8 pple, so messy... 2 pple easier...

Don't treat what I said seriously yo. I'm just joking. Anyway, nice to see you having a blog. Will drop by often.
2005.06.13 (00:17) / URL / Posh [EDIT]
Erm... V6 spirit (SPIRIT???? *shocked*) died down in me? I think so so leh... that time I still did watched V6 things... but that time, I'm the kind who will download anything by Johnnys XD Somemore, was curious about Yamapi and interested in Uchi! XD So just downloaded loh... can't even recognise Uchi that time because of his hairstyle XD

Now... I don't try to download all Johnnys stuff *hides*

Posh, you think of a name for her ba XD
2005.06.13 (00:21) / URL / fin [EDIT]
I think I will forever be living in the shadow of fin..*sadz* wahaha...
2005.06.13 (00:35) / URL / fin's sister [EDIT]
oh hi Fin sis..XP i dun wan call you fin sis lah..tell monkeu ur name..
monkeu always bully finny..if she bully u, tell me..i bully her..*evil laughs*
2005.06.13 (14:09) / URL / jassy/monkeu [EDIT]
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ah~ and *_* i so jealous u can shake Uchi's hand..T_T
2005.06.13 (14:14) / URL / jassy/monkeu [EDIT]
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and finny sis..*faints that you haven tell me ur real name* and *faints upon reading ur entry abt uchi* and...i am so jealous of you..T_T
2005.06.14 (01:04) / URL / jassy/monkeu [EDIT]


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