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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
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01/22 Tegoshi Yuya!
Pls do not copy or extract any parts of this translation. Thank you!
And a big thanks to Seina and my sis for the original text and the chinese translation!


Yesterday was snowing really heavily.
Isn’t that romantic?
After I finished my work, I began romanticizing with my pet dog, Tini.
What has everybody been doing?
Change topic. Recently, I’m crazy over guitar.
Nishikido and Shige have been teaching me, and I practise at home everyday too.
Because music is really great, for those who are unable to find things to do, why not get in touch with music?
It’ll be very enjoyable!
As I’m running out of time, I shall stop here.

I wish to learn guitar too.. Tried learning but failed cause my fingers are so stiff and I just can't do it.. maybe I can if Tegoshi teaches me.. wahaha.. I'm running out of time too... Bye
2006.01.27 (12:39) | NEWS | TB(0) | CM(3) |

手越裕也 J-Web
Another translation.. It's Tegoshi desu yo!

First of all must thank Seina for the orignal copy and my sis for the chinese translations.Thank u thank u!

Please do not copy or extract any parts of the translations. Thank you!

Congratulation on the first entry of my column!
Everybody…. Finally… Finally… the start of Tegoshi’s column!
Is everyone happy for me? ? (Smile)
Because I am feeling so happy! ^0^ (Smile)
The thing that I want to share firstly on my column will definitely be “Gachibaka”, which is showing today.
It’s tonight, 10pm.
You must definitely catch it.
Because if you don’t, I’ll get angry. ^0^ (Smile)
I’ve watched the first episode and have enjoyed it without keeping in mind that I’m part of the cast.
I’ll be extremely particular about the next episode. And I guarantee you will, without fail, look forward to next week’s episode eagerly. Plus, you will be happy in a week’s time.
Therefore, you must definitely watch it. (@_@)
And tell me your afterthoughts.
From today onwards, please give your support to “Gachibaka”!

Congrats Tegoshi for your first entry! U sound really excited. Keep up your high spirits, cause it makes me happy too and I believe in the "be happy in a week's time".. because it's from you..

Hello everybody! Tegoshi desu!
Have you all watched yesterday’s “Gachibaka”?
Is it enjoyable?
Really wish to know how you all feel about “Gachibaka”.
Therefore, for those who have thoughts regarding the drama and time to spare, do drop a message in the official site of “Gachibaka”. I’ll be very happy then.
Because I’ll definitely read them. (@_@)
And also, next week’s episode will be very good too, so you definitely have to watch it.
I believe people who have watch yesterday’s preview should know by now. Massu and I will have many scenes so you will certainly enjoy the show with no regret.
Please look forward to next week’s episode.
Just like what I’ve mentioned yesterday, be happy in a week’s time. (Smile)
As for those who don’t enjoy their every day, do talk to me.
Because I am an optimistic person, hence no matter what, I’ll treat you with endless care and concern. (Smile)
A change of topic, I had a haircut.
But then because my hair was trimmed only, few will notice it.
Therefore, today I’ve a suggestion.
I’ll be meeting Massu later, so let’s see if he will notice my haircut.
I’ll announce the outcome in my update tomorrow. Please look forward to it.

Isn't he sweet? Tegoshi's entries are very enjoyable and I bet Masuda won't notice the change in his haircut..
2006.01.23 (23:25) | NEWS | TB(0) | CM(6) |

01/13 - 小山くんの『メンバー愛』 (English translation)
First time translating Koyama's diary, so exciting..
Pardon me if I have not done a good job.

Thanks Seina for the original text and my sis for the Chinese translation.

Please do not copy or extract any parts of this to other websites or elsewhere. Thank you.

After the end of the concert, my foremost thought is “I wish to have another concert.”
My desire should be the same as others, right?
I wish to unite with the rest as one.
And spend the most wonderful time together.
Seems that we will meet again in spring.

Currently, it is examination period for universities.
The time which I detest has come.
Everyday, I am only busy with doing reports, preparing for my examinations…

I wish to become Nyantai.
This fellow has a very comfy sleepy face.
Even though his owner is engrossed in using his laptop, like an A-Boy (A=Akihabara, represents youngsters who are passionate with computers).
The mention of this brings me to Prince Yamashita, though in the same university as me, he really does not own a computer.
How does he do it during this period of time...?
I guess, even without a computer, a prince shouldn’t have any problems, right?
There shouldn’t be a problem if he has been seeking help from his friends, right?
Do all university students share the same thought as me?
If I don’t have a single friend, I wouldn’t have become a Year 3 student.
My examinations are nearing, so I’ve to work very hard.

Oh, prince

Congratulations on becoming an adult.

Congrations to Yamapi too! Why is everybody calling him prince nowadays? But he is really very prince-like..

Koyama, I hate exams too.. and like you, I wish to become my cat .. especially when I'm burning midnight oil and she's sleeping on the bed looking so comfy, Agrrhh.. Anyway i wish you all the best for your examination.. Japan's uni calendar is indeed different from Singapore's.. I just started my semester and they are having exams.. weird..

After hearing so many different rumours that he's going to Meiji, finally we get to hear straight from the horse's mouth.. and yesh.. Tegoshi's really in Waseda! Congratulations to Tegoshi, that he's going to start his Uni life in Waseda! That's such a good school! And he's studying Human Science, at first glance, I thought it's sociology but my sis say it's something like computing, whatever it is, I'm really happy for Tegoshi! He's going to start his uni life and I'm going to end soon.. Oh well..

2006.01.17 (11:50) | NEWS | TB(0) | CM(4) |

English translation of 01/10 - しげくんの『吾輩はシゲである』
A BIG "thank you" to seina for the original text and my sister for the chinese version.

Please DO NOT copy or extract any parts of this translation to other places. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Any mistakes made are unintentional, feel free to correct me.

Final entry (=^エ^=)

I am indeed very grateful to everyone in these past 16 days. (=^エ^=) “A HAPPY NEWS YEAR CONCERT 2006” had come to a closure and 吾輩 (Wagahai – meaning "I") has accomplished his mission.(=^エ^=)

Many things have happened in these 16 days, and unquestionably, Wagahai really like NEWS.(=^エ^=) In this last entry, I would like to talk about every NEWS members.(=^エ^=)

First of all, is Yamashita Tomohisa-sama.(=^エ^=) You are the king of idols(=^エ^=)really!(=^エ^=) A prince of a dazzling palace(=^エ^=) but not a おっぺけペー(=^エ^=)even if anything goes wrong, you continue to shine. From now on, please continue to lead NEWS (=^エ^=) If Wagahai is to sing “Senshu Amigo” in KTV, please allow me to sing Akira’s part.(=^エ^=) Kon-Kon(=^エ^=)

Next will be Ryo Nishikio aniki.(=^エ^=)Aniki had his solo concert, Kanjani 8 related work and was involved in 2 dramas last year. Even when his workload was so heavy, aniki still claimed he wants to work 3 times as hard. Is his energy infinite?(=^エ^=)Aniki is really the man of all men,(=^エ^=)and indeed deserves the claim of being wild, cool and having a venom mouth.(=^エ^=) Even if that’s the case, the fuming look of aniki when he failed to eat the strawberries was very adorable. But, to peep at a bathing Kato Shigeaki and to scare him out of his wits doesn’t seemed too right.(=^エ^=) From then on, Kato Shigeaki is always on his guard.(=^エ^=)

To Koyama Keiichiro(=^エ^=) has always been caring for Kato Shigeaki(=^エ^=)thinking about Kato Shigeaki saying things like, “It is because of the presence of Koyama that I can work hard till today.”, or sometimes wondering if Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki are really best friends(=^エ^=)This time round, these 2 people discussed about the concert, and have both of you done everything that you all had wanted to?(=^エ^=)You must also work hard for [Ns aoi](=^エ^=)seems like a sluggish role(=^エ^=)but Koyama Keiichiro(=^エ^=)you have too many likable points(=^エ^=)Wagahai knew all along that you have been quite distracted while dancing with everyone.(=^エ^=)You must dance better the next time we meet(=^エ^=)and also your singing…(=^エ^=)Kato Shigeaki has nothing to comment regarding this.(=^エ^=)

TO Kusano Hironori(=^エ^=)You are the mood maker of NEWS(=^エ^=)always making the members laugh(=^エ^=)but you are more interesting in the backstage.(=^エ^=)Do demonstrate your humor on stage some day.(=^エ^=)And also, you look adorable when preparing MC speech(=^エ^=)just that it seemed that nothing important was written down.(=^エ^=)But Kusano Hironori dances really well.(=^エ^=)that serious look you have while dancing,(=^エ^=)is very charming too(=^エ^=) just that it will be better if your curly hair is slightly straighter.(=^エ^=)

DEAR Masuda Takahisa, your smile is truly great(=^エ^=)I’m sure this kind of smile possesses the power of letting people feel blessed (=^エ^=)You weren’t listening while we were discussing about the concert and always repeating the same things. We intended to create an interesting mood, but nobody will blame Masuda Takahisa even if you only talk about boring stuff.(=^エ^=)And Masuda Takahisa is very passionate about learning(=^エ^=)went to many different concerts and stole many great ideas, and adopted these ideas to create a very wonderful concert.(=^エ^=)This time round, Masuda Takahisa’s opinions had become more constructive.(=^エ^=)Since you voiced out so many great opinions, then you ought to listen to what the staff and other members have to say.(=^エ^=)Masuda Takahisa is more interesting on the stage than at the backstage.(=^エ^=)Though he would be more loved by the rest if he is more interesting at the backstage.(=^エ^=)

Tegoshi Yuya(=^エ^=)I’m often taken aback by your serious looks.(=^エ^=)Although you are the most green among all the members, you always say excellent things during interviews. And you rise early in the morning in order to sound your best during concerts.(=^エ^=)Kato Shigeaki is indeed impressed by this act of yours.(=^エ^=)And feels that Tegoshi Yuya’s voice is the voice of an angel(=^エ^=)Become better and better, and use your voice to inspire many people.(=^エ^=)Just that whenever Tegoshi Yuya bathe in Kato Shigeaki’s bathroom, you will return to your own room with the towel wrapped around your waist, but isn’t that Kato Shigeaki’s towel?(=^エ^=)Somehow or other, turning into someone who feels no guilt.(=^エ^= ) He did not mention anything in the end as he did not notice it. And seriously troubling over how he’s going to dry himself with a small towel.(=^エ^=)Even though his body became naturally dried in the end.(=^エ^=)

Lastly, is Kato Shigeaki(=^エ^=)nothing much to say to you but please quickly heal your waist. (=^エ^=)Is your solo a success?(=^エ^=)Wakahai feels that it is a big success.(=^エ^=)Seems to love composing very much,(=^エ^=) Do adopt more great things to produce great songs.(=^エ^=)Being defeated by 4 people in these 16 days,(=^エ^=)and to strive very hard in the hope that you can win these 4 people someday.(=^エ^=)Uhm, although it seems impossible(=^エ^=)

Very thankful to all the fans who have been reading for the past 16 days(=^エ^=),
For those who have finished reading this, is it because you like Wakahai, or you like Kato Shigeaki very much, or you feel that it is very interesting, or are you simply bored?(=^エ^=)Wakahai shall continue to stay in Osaka and sneak into someone’s kotatsu (heater under a table)(=^エ^=)If there’s anything, just call me.(=^エ^=)When you call me, I might have a column again.(=^エ^=)

Wakahai is Shige.(=^エ^=)

I like the part where Tegoshi went to Shige's bathroom to bathe.. How come he doesn't bathe in his own room? maybe he's afraid.. haha.. And also the part about Koyama wondering whether he and Shige are really best friends or not.. stop thinking about such profound stuff..

Compared to Koyama's, I think Shige one has more depth but Koyama's one is definitely more amusing and entertaining.. hope to read more of their entries!

2006.01.14 (23:40) | NEWS | TB(0) | CM(6) |

My hundred questions..
It's in Chinese.. My sis asked me to do one.. hehe..

1. 名前?性別?年齡?擔當?
Fin’s sis。 女。21。小山。

2. NEWS裡面最喜歡的是?

3. 第2呢?

4. 第3呢?

5. 第4呢?

6. 怎麼知道NEWS的?

7. 為什麼會喜歡上NEWS的?

8. 喜歡NEWS多久了?
自从看了PV 后,但在那时候也不是非常非常喜欢,但还是会看有关他们的东东。

9. 最喜歡怎麼樣的NEWS?

10. 有看過NEWS的concert嗎?

11. 最喜歡NEWS的曲子是?
太多太多了,无法只选一个。有Cherish, Kibou Yell, TEPPEN… 等等。

12. 最喜歡NEWS的舞歩是?
啊,又是一个考倒我的问题。应该是TEPPEN 吧。因为有MIC 所以觉得很特别.其实 Kibou Yell 也很棒!Cherish 也不错。Shock ME 也很好。太难抉择了。。

13. 擔當是NEWS的成員嗎?

14. 喜歡擔當的地方。(請説出3個以上)
高度,很会说话,非常搞笑,会作出一些怪怪却有很可爱的动作,爱他的猫,爱他的妈妈,爱吃拉面和饺子,非常非常关心 NEWS 的所有成员,写的日记非常的有趣,迷人的单眼皮(对不起是内双),看感人的戏会哭出来,是个好哥哥,爱他的侄儿,唱歌会走音,跳舞很会扭啊扭,很聪明,又有时尚感, 打电脑时是用一根手指,对歌迷很好,稳重的样子,是个读文学的人, 等等。。

15. 擔當在NEWS的地位是什麼?

16. 請形容一下山下智久。

17. 請形容一下内博貴。


19. 請形容一下小山慶一郎。

20. 請形容一下加藤成亮。
不像他实际年龄的老伯伯。 跳舞和走路的样子有时看起来好像有气没力似的。但绝对是个聪颖的小孩子哟!

21. 請形容一下草野博紀。
Hip Hop with R&B. 能歌又善舞!是个少见的人才!呵呵!脸有点胖胖的还蛮可爱的。裤子好像随时会掉下来。声音真得很好听哟!

22. 請形容一下田貴久。

23. 請形容一下森內貴。

24. 請形容一下手越祐也。

25. 請一下形容NEWS。

26. 如果NEWS解散怎麼辦?

27. 如果NEWS的其中一人不做Jr?

28. 如果NEWS要再加入一個Jr,加入誰?

29. 如果NEWS要減少一個成員,減少誰?

30. 如果能與NEWS其中一人相處一整天,希望是誰?

31. 會做什麼?

32 對於NEWS,「説真的,不要再做這樣的事情了!」的事是?

33. 對於NEWS,「説真的,請以後多多做這種事情!」的事是?

34. 請為NEWS改一個節目名。
就“NEWS 的爱”之类吧。我不擅长想名字。

35. 想成為NEWS的哪一個成員?

36. 會做什麼?

37. 腦袋中,NEWS佔幾%?
30-40% 吧!

38. 現在森内活動休止中。如果他返回時會怎麼樣?

39. 喜歡NEWS演出怎麼樣的電視劇?
校园 - 要温情又搞笑哦!!

40. 覺得NEWS裡面誰會穿三角褲?

41. 會自己做飯?

42. 會去健身?

43. 會自言自語?

44. 會看A片?

45. 會撒嬌?

46. 覺得NEWS最適合拍什麼産品的廣告?為什麼?

47. NEWS裡面理想男朋友是?

48. 結婚對象?

49. 好友?

50. 哥哥?

51. 弟弟?

52. 孩子?

53. NEWS裡面誰看起來最有趣?

54. 最好勝?

55. 最愛哭?
成亮 眼睛向装了很多的泪。

56. 跑最快?

57. 最強?

58. 學習最快的?

59. 最愛打扮?

60. 與大家關係最好?

61. 收最多mail的?

62. 排球最好的?

63. 唱歌最好的?

64. 跳舞最好的?

65. 講話最好的?

66. 房間最整齊?

67. 房間最亂?

68. 睡姿最差?

69. NEWS的影子領導人是?

70. NEWS的弱點是?

71. 現在成員組合的NEWS好嗎?

72. 比較喜歡少年クラブ還是Ya-Ya-yah?

73. 少年クラブ還是裸之少年?

74. 如果你是Johnny さん。會叫NEWS做什麼工作?

75. 請把NEWS像V6一樣分成2個小組。

76. 目前看過NEWS最爆笑的時刻是?
太多了,但最近的话是在 BC, 小山做了一串怪怪却又很搞笑的 Akira 的“空空”

77. 初次亮相時,用怎樣的曲子好?
NEW NIPPON, 非常让人容易高昂的歌。要不就是Kibou Yell. 其实我听到他们的歌就会蛮High的。

78. 還希望NEWS出什麼產品?

79. PC的桌面? I dun quite get these 3..

80. 手機的桌面?

81. 鈴聲?

82. 能說出NEWS全體人員的出生年月日嗎?

83. 有和NEWS成員的生日一樣嗎?

84. 房間有貼NEWS的poster嗎?

85. NEWS是可愛系的嗎?

86. 請用一種顏色形容NEWS。

87. 請用一漢字形容NEWS。

88. 請對山下智久説一句話。

89. 請對内博貴説一句話。

90. 請對錦戸亮説一句話。

91. 請對小山慶一郎説一句話。

92. 請對加藤成亮説一句話。

93. 請對草野博紀説一句話。

94. 請對田貴久説一句話。

95. 請對森内貴説一句話。

96. 請對手越祐也説一句話。

97. 請對NEWS説一句話。

98. NEWS不滅嗎?

99. 會一生都是NEWS的愛好者嗎?

100. 最後請説一句話。
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Koyama's drama
No Koyama's drama to watch.. so sad..
And I didn't translate Popolo in the end.. so sad..
Will find other stuff to translate.. but think i'll just procrastinate.. cause that is so me..

And why is Uchi still not back..
2006.01.13 (13:38) | NEWS | TB(0) | CM(2) |

Fin's sister

  • AUTHOR: Fin's sister

  • 小山くんと手越くんが大好きです! よろしくお願いします。

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