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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
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In another one and a half hour will be Tegoshi's brithday .. I wonder what presents have other NEWS members prepared for him.. And how is Tegoshi going to celebrate his birthday? But I've a confession to make, that is I forgot all about his birthday.. thanks to my sis for reminding me.. she's especially sensitive about such stuff.. hehe..

Actually when NEWS was formed, Tegoshi never caught my attention.. he seemed so insignificant (a tad too short compared to the rest.. and he's always standing at the back) and though mysterious, I never bother to unveil this mystery.. His smile is way too sinister to me.. haha.. I guess it was because of his teeth, but now his teeth are so neat..
His great voice was his strength.. But still I'm too occupied with Koyama, Uchi and Yamapi to appreciate this strength of his..

Even when I finally got to see NEWS in Winter concert.. I still failed to really be bothered about his existence.. during his solo, I even felt like sitting down..(I was so terrrible) and my impression of Tegoshi is that he's quite small-built.. that was it.. And to think that I was holding his Uchiwa.. haha..

But things were different suring Spring con.. It was not only his performance at the con that attracted me but more of how he really show his appreciation to NEWS fans (Not just his own fans).. Even though not many people were holding his uchiwa then (as compared to the rest of the members), he would still waved at all the fans energetically and sincerely.. His attitude is really great.. And I think naturally for a sua gu (mountain tortoise) like me to be in Japan watching con is like a dream (gotta slap myself a few times to make sure it was not a dream then, haha kidding..).. so I would naturally wanna get the attention of any NEWS members, not just Koyama or Yamapi.. so I felt really pampered when Tegoshi is so nice.. he never fails to wave each time we saw him.. His warmth could really be felt.. (especially in the cold cold weather, I'm being lame..) It's really very ironic.. I was holding koyama cum Yamapi Uchiwa and trying frantically to get their attention each time but failed terribly most of the time.. yet I didn't really strive to "tell" Tegoshi my existence but he would still wave and stuff.. I believe many fans present there could felt his sincerity and superb fan service..

Tegoshi, U have really grown to be a man.. wahaha.. His image now is so appealing and his fan base is increasing.. really happy for him.. it's all hard work.. he must be very stressed to be in a group where everyone is a senior to him.. but he really worked hard on his dance movements and not to say his already very impressive singing.. He got to act in dramas and movie.. and so far his performance is really good.. I just hope to see more of him in dramas.. and that he would continue to sing nice nice ballads for all..
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I'm into nobuta episode 3 now.. it's really a great drama.. very funny and yamapi is so cute in it.. but why is nobuta so pale.. but i think what she wrote on the mirror in the haunted house is very touching.. it goes like this.. "It can be considered as a miracle to be able to hold the hand that you are holding now.. hope that you will continue to hold this hand even when u leave this place.." ahh.. why is it that it doesn't seem so touching now.. wahhaa.. anyway i might be wrong in the translation.. but the meaning should be around there la..plus minus..
The part where nobuta ran out to pass the onigiri to her "dad" is also very touching.. She can't even bring herself to call out "dad".. so sad.. it seems that she had a very unhappy childhood..i feel sad for her...

Watched some variety shows on shuji to akira.. yamapi was so quiet.. but he admitted he's not good at MC, so he shall leave the MC task to Kame.. Suddenly realised KAT-TUN never went on so many show like Heyx3 and Utaban.. and thus it was Kame's first time appearance in these shows.. but he presented himself well and stuff.. I think it's very funny when they tried to imitate Johnny san by saying, "YOU..." didn't know it's a trademark of Johnny san.. and why the hell did Johnny san asked Yamapi to go to some hotel pool.. "highly suspicious" And in Utaban, Yamapi actually dare say they sing better than Nakai Masahiro.. so funny..

Ahhh.. I tot koyama look funny in Yayayah, with the skull cap and flat hair.. but his face still so kakkoi... wahahahaaaaa....
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Fin's sister

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  • 小山くんと手越くんが大好きです! よろしくお願いします。

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