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Nobuta - Episode 1
The long awaited drama!!!

Yamapi is so cute in the drama.. I like the way he "fly" down the stairs.. so funny!!! And the way he talks and walks is as if he's drunk.. And his hairstyle is so much better compared to in dragon.. And he kept "sticking" to Kame.. But I think he's a little insane in the drama.. haha..
His character this time round is so different from Dragon Zakura..

But I feel that Yamapi's real character has elements of both (nobuta and dragon) Dragon is the cool side of him and nobuta is the baka side of him..

And I finally understand why the drama is named as such.. so far so good.. Kame's acting is pretty good too.. but why do I still have this feeling he's kindaichi in disguise.. oh well..

Faster.. episode 2.. faster come!!!
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Tokyo Disneyland @@
These are old photos taken during my winter trip.. It was so cold.. bbrrrrrr....... This first photo is taken at the entrance.. can see everybody feeeeelinggg so cold.. Just the thought of it makes me shiver..


This is Mickey's passport! Vey cute right..


Still at the entrance.. Can see the weather is really fine.. sky so clear.. but so cold... bbrrrr....


It was around 9am I think.. but didn't expect to see so many people earlier than us.. Japanese are all early-risers.. haha.. no la.. Tego is not.. The queues in Disneyland can make you wanna kill yourself.. just getting the admission tix took us 45 min.. And can you imagine standing in the cold wind.. some caucasians wrapped their heads with scarfs.. All of us were so cold... Bbrrrrrr....

It's a small world afterall..



Ya got the day and night view cause it turns dark at around 4pm in Japan when it's winter time.. I had a hard time realising it's only 4pm when the sky became dark..


The buildings there were really magnificent and beautiful.. Really really beautiful.. kinda like in fairyland..

Winnie the Pooh.. why got 2 extras standing there.. and the tree blocked my view also.. cheyy..


Just to mention the souvenir shops there were mad.. there were so many people!!!! It's worse than being in MRT.. hehe.. and guess what most of the people at Disneyland were Japanese themselves.. Aren't they tired of the place? haha.. For me, one experience is enough.. the thought of spending 2 hours queuing for a ride simply puts me off...


Ehhhh.. a pretty castle..



This is really cute right.. think my sis took it on our way back to the train station.. actually it's really just a small statue on some pillars.. but it's so cuteee...
And Chip N Dale is really hot in Disneyland.. There were many small stalls selling drinks and popcorns.. and the popcorn buckets were so cute.. they were of different Disney characters.. and I guess chip n dale sells the best..
Anyway the queues at these stalls can be as long as the queues for rides..

Totally crazy

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Inactive blogger
It's been a long time since I blogged... actually I don't know what to write exactly.. jus wanna tell everybody this blog is still active.. just the blogger is not too active because of reports and projects..

And I'm looking forward to nobuta!!! Saw the various CMs.. and thought yamapi looks great in the drama! He's a little chubby now.. so cute...
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Fin's sister

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