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A way to slim down
I think I might just have the right prescription for people who wish shed a few pounds.. Which I've personally benefited from..

The chore is U need to be at the right place.. and the place is Japan.. Seasons matter too! Different seasons render different results.. preferably winter.. Cause the number of pounds you lose is proportionate to the temperature.. the colder the better..

The method I am proposing is "Sub-conscious Walking"..

Yup that's right, the name is as above.. So far so good..

You see.. In Japan, there are many available transportations (such as train-most commonly utilised, cars, cabs, buses ), but due to low budgeting, I can only take train.. and places that I want to go don't always happen to be near the train stations.. Quite common sense.. ya..

and I suppose the embarrassing part is I don't know how to take the bus there in Japan.. which I seriously don't think is too tough.. U know like U board the train, pay the fare, press the button when nearing your stop and alight at the desired stop.. easy right?.. ya.. seems easy only.. the tricky part is I don't know which bus-stop I should alight or even board at.. The bus stops don't look like a bus stop to me and they have so many different bus companies.. Bus fare is pretty ex too for a poor student like me.. 200 yen (I think) for every ride regardless of the distance.. so good for those travelling from one end to another.. and 200 yen equals to 3 bucks in my country.. and the most ex bus fare in my country is 2 something which is when u take express bus or night riders.. so the normal charge is 60cents to less than 2 dollars..

So when I was in Japan, besides the option of taking a train, I was left with another goody option-taking a special bus called 'BUS ".. It's not a bus.. believe me.. this transportation is really useful for people with legs because taking bus 11 means to get your pair of rusty legs moving.. you know the 11 really stands for a pair of legs..

And so I really walked..and walked and walked.. I think the distance I walked on average during my stay in Japan could possibly be the longest in my whole life.. and U do it sub-consciously (that's where the name- "Sub-conscious Walking" drew its inspiration from)

Oh, the seasonal thing about this form of diet is that when it's cold you have to wear many clothes right.. so the weight of the clothes, your bag, whatever.. really makes you work (a term I dilligently learn from my physics teachers) harder compared to just wearing a tee.. cause a greater effort is needed for each step you take.. yup.. and believe me.. I wore 5 clothes once in winter in Japan, and I really looked like a polar bear..

In conclusion, "Sub-conscious Walking" is recommended for people who are dying to lose some fats.. yeah!

Before U decide on this diet please note:

I really lose around 3-4 Kg in less than 2 weeks there.. but it was due to my lousy appetite too as I was trying to get used to the weather..
Anyway I regain my weight immediately when I came back from Japan.. wahaha.. I think became fatter in fact wahaha...
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Sweets Forest
Some photos my sis and I took during our winter trip to Japan. These photos were taken at Sweets Forest. Ya-ya-yah went there once for filming.. and the desserts look really yummy.. so enjoy..



This is the pamphlet..



Didn't put up photos of the entrance cause I think my sis did it already.. Anyway the entrance is really pretty.. It's amazing..

The inside.. I think the leaves are very nice.. heh.. pinky pinky..




The different stalls there.. Nice displays.. There's the dessert bento.. very creative right.. just right for someone with a sweet tooth..but super ex.. more ex than a ramen.. think it was feature in Ya-ya-yah too..


Yummy.. My sis ate this I think.. this is mochi coated with caramel.. I think the one I ate was red-bean coated.. ya.. Yummy.. うまい!

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Miaomiao and Didi




Didi in chinese means younger brother.. but actually Didi is a she .. but when she was younger, we can't really tell it's a she or he.. my mum was pretty sure she's a he, so my mum calls her Didi ever since.. and we were shocked to know she's a she.. (because she meows loudly and she has big paws).. yup confusing right

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New panda template!
Ah.. it's been a while since i blog..
Cause i've so many assignments to do.. finally today is my free day!

Was raining jus now..
but sunny now..

haha a bit boliao..

Yeah yeah yeah! New template.. same panda.. but there are skulls around the layout (represents Koyama ) thanks to my sis who told me bout this template.. but i think panda and skull not too matching.. but oh well..

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My cat loves cosplay!
grad bear

Introducing.. みかんちゃん 。。the graduation bear from N*S - School of computing.. Gender unknown.. My cat, Didi puked on his/her face once.. He/She was almost disfigured but thanks to the ever trustie detergent , he/she is saved!

My cat Miaomiao . She has a dream , that is to graduate from a uni someday..
SOooo... Kind-hearted みかんちゃん decided to lend Miaomiao his/her "uniform".. This is the only piece of clothing みかんちゃん has, but in order to help Miaomiao fulfil her dream, みかんちゃん doesn't mind going bare..

Miaomiao's dream comes true


But she couldn't find her Harry Porter's hat.. Is it under the sofa?


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Fin's sister

  • AUTHOR: Fin's sister

  • 小山くんと手越くんが大好きです! よろしくお願いします。

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